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Member Remarks

  • If you’re looking for a legitimate way to earn extra cash, without wondering if it will work, this is the program for you. I knew this was the real deal when I saw the company was willing to pay upfront for my advertising campaign.

    Barbara, Florida COMMENT

    When she was first looking at the program, Barbara was particularly impressed with the way the company goes out of its way to help everyone who joins get into profit quickly.

  • I am so THANKFUL for 30 Day Success! It has far surpassed my wishes & expectations! Thank You to EACH of you who help to run this!

    Rita, New York COMMENT

    Rita is taking a moment out to profusely thank all the staff at 30 Day Success for going way beyond her initial expectations.

  • I was initially attracted to the offer of compensation for helping others. Now that I’m going through the module, I am deeply impressed with the value. There are key business concepts that are tremendously helpful. I’m on page 21 of 80 and I’m excited to read the rest of it. I have a sound foundation as it relates to starting a business and there’s content that helped me. The language is concise, simple and appropriate for someone learning how to start a business for the first time as well. I understand that some will be attracted to the compensation component of the program. I hope that people do take advantage of reviewing the products as well. They’re awesome.

    Michelle, Chicago COMMENT

    Michelle is really enjoying the awesome products in the business arena.

  • A few months ago, I joined at Level 1 and the company paid for my first advertising campaign. I got several signups but did miss out on a few thousand dollars of commission for people who joined at higher Levels than I was at. However, I made it a top priority to upgrade as soon as possible. Out of my initial profits from my own sales and the Indirect Payments from my Referrals’ sales, I was able to upgrade several levels and at the rate things are going, I am sure I will soon be upgraded to the top level. My advice is to just get started today, even if only at Level 1 or Level 2, so you can experience the same success I am having, or even better!

    Sharon, Wyoming COMMENT

    Sharon details how she only began at Level 1 but within just a couple months, she was able to upgrade to higher Levels and soon get to the very top- Sharon is a shining example of how persistence pays off in a big way with our program.

  • I joined 9 weeks ago at Level 3 and ordered a mailing of 400 letters. I got a lot of signups and one was at Level 4, so I missed out on the override from that but I did get my payment for being at Level 3. It’s great that you don’t lose the full sale when someone joins at a Level higher than you and you only lose the difference between the payment at your Level and the higher Level. Overall, I am very pleased with my earnings during my first 2 weeks from my sales and my Referrals’ sales, along with override commissions and upgrades. Here’s the beauty of this setup: When my referrals who had only enrolled at Level 1 or Level 2 got a new signup for a higher Level, I earned the commission. On top of that, when they saw they were missing out on commissions, they immediately sent me money to upgrade. I quickly upgraded to Level 5 and began earning a lot more money. In just 9 weeks, I was able to get all the way to Level 6. The company does all the work and everyone earns money! Every time you want to explode your income, simply order an additional advertising campaign.

    Mark, New York COMMENT

    Mark describes how he started at Level 3 and in just 9 weeks was able to get all the way up to Level 6; his remarks highlight the important role of direct sales, indirect sales, overrides and upgrades all working together for a member’s success.

  • I am a retired grandmother who has enjoyed much success with the 30 Day Success program. During my first three months, I was able to sign up many people and with my earnings I took a 2-week, beachside vacation! While I was away enjoying myself, cash-filled envelopes still showed up in my mailbox frequently and my daughter opened them and assisted me in sending the confirmations to the company. I cannot tell you how nice it was to be away on vacation and still be earning money! I enrolled at one of the beginning levels but through my earnings I have been able to upgrade to the top level. Let me say this to all of you out there looking at this fantastic program, if a grandmother like me can do this, I believe you can too. Go ahead, give it a shot, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Emily, Wyoming COMMENT

    Now here’s a grandmother showing demonstrably that virtually anyone can succeed with this program!



  • 1. What’s Included?

    • Module 1 - Having a Successful Mindset
    • Welcome to Success Kit
    • Earn $30 commission direct sales
    • Earn $20 commission indirect sales

    Detailed Product and Service Booklet, as well as the steps to take to maximize the benefits from each product and/or service

    Welcome to 30 Day Success Letter which contains all you need to know about program rules, regulations, and recommended next steps to take

    Advertisement Order Forms

  • 2. What’s Included?

    • Everything from Level 1
    • Plus Module 2 - Lead Generation
    • Earn $100 commission direct sales
    • Earn $50 commission indirect sales
  • 3. What’s Included?

    • Everything from Level 2
    • Plus a Business Toolkit
    • Plus Module 3 – Module 8
    • Earn $400 commission direct sales
    • Earn $200 commission indirect sales

    Jam-Packed with resources to increase Productivity, Advertising, Automation, Communication, Finances, and much more!

    Sales Strategy: How to double or triple your sales in just two clicks of a mouse -See how I went from barely getting by to breaking monthly sales records just by understanding the power of……

  • 4. What’s Included?

    • Everything from Level 3
    • Plus Module 4 – Module 8
    • Earn $1,000 commission direct sales
    • Earn $400 commission indirect sales
  • 5. What’s Included? 20X your Income!

    • Everything from Level 4
    • Plus Access to Fast Track Credit Repair (Get Inquiries and Collections Removed)
    • Plus a website that will get you more leads and more sales on autopilot!
    • Earn $2,000 commission direct sales
    • Earn $500 commission indirect sales

    Your earning potential starts to get really massive at this Level!

  • 6. What’s Included?

    • Everything from Level 5
    • Plus your own CORP or LLC complete with Fed Tax ID, registered agent and officers list, bylaws, corporate seal, and shares certificate, 3 day electronic delivery.
    • Earn $6,000 commission direct sales
    • Earn $1,500 commission indirect sales
  • 7. What’s Included?

    • Everything from Level 6
    • A Done-For-You Online Store OR Join Our Private, Profit-Share Group
    • Earn $10,000 commission direct sales
    • Earn $5,000 commission indirect sales


Is there an age requirement for joining 30 Day Success Formula?

Yes, a person must be 18 years or older to join 30 Day Success.

What countries does 30 Day Success Formula operate in?

30 Day Success Formula is a program based in the United States with the Headquarters located in the state of Wisconsin. People in Canada can join the program as long as they have a United States address for sending and receiving money.

How do I send and receive money?

As noted on Page 4 of the Flyer, the Order Form, this is a cash business and the Company sends you instructions on how to send cash via FedEx. It is noted that you may request to send a Money Order to the Company but you must call first for instructions. You also send cash to the two Members you are sending a payment to but you could contact them by phone or email to request a different method and follow their instructions.

Do I have to have any specific education level, training, or business experience to be successful with 30 Day Success Formula?

Absolutely not! As noted at the very beginning of our Flyer, all kinds of people, from young college students and stay-at-home moms to high-level business people and surgeons, are experiencing success with our program. Because we, the Company, do so much for our Members, a person can be completely passive and still have much success with us. So, no, there are no education, training, or experience requirements to join our program and to experience the same success as any of our Members.

What is the best way to get started making money with the program?

The best way to start making money with the program is to get the information into the hands of as many likely prospects as you can. As we have a reliable mailing house to do all your Flyer mailings for you and a Professional Sales Team to do all your closings for you, you can be completely passive and start making money very quickly. No selling, no explaining, and no talking to anyone- just let us know how many Flyers you want mailed out for you and we will let the mailing house know. You can just sit back, relax, and collect the money your new Members send to you like clockwork- direct to your mailbox, 6 days a week. Some members do, of course, choose to be more actively involved and engage in their own marketing activities, for example, doing their own mailings, talking to interested prospects they already know who want to earn extra money, talking to prospects they obtain through various leads resources, and so on. The choice on whether to be passive or more actively involved is entirely yours.

What if I can only afford to enroll at Level 1 or Level 2, can I still be successful?

Yes, of course, you can be successful!

Obviously, the higher the Level you are at, the more money you make- from Direct Payments, Indirect Payments, Overrides/Pass-ups and Upgrades.

Just so you are clear- you only earn money at the Level you are enrolled at so when a prospect joins you at a higher Level than you are enrolled at, the commission for the higher Level goes to the next qualified person above you. So, regardless of what Level you join at, your goal is to Upgrade to the higher Levels as soon as you can, usually out of your profits.

The important thing is for you to get started right away at the Level which is comfortable to begin with and not to worry- everything will take care of itself and before you know it, you’ll be at the highest Level yourself!

I really don’t like talking to prospects. Can I succeed in this business without having to talk to anyone?

Actually, this program has been purposely designed so Members do not have to talk to prospects. Most people are not very good at sales and many people are simply too busy in their work, family, and personal lives to have time to talk to prospects. That’s where our Professional Sales Team comes in and does all the explaining, selling, and closing for you!

Of course, this does not mean that you can’t talk to others, especially people you already know, about the program, if you wish. It simply means that you do not have to- our well-trained, professional staff take care of it for you.

Can I earn passive, “residual” income with this program?

Yes, of course, you can earn very nice passive, residual income with our program. Re-read that part of the Flyer where it says, PASS-UP/OVERRIDE AND UPGRADE EXAMPLE. As you see, with the pass-up/override and upgrade features, you can earn a tremendous amount of ongoing, residual income. And don’t forget about all those “Indirect” Payments you’ll be getting every time one of your Referrals makes a sale. Our residual money component is very strong, indeed.

There are tons of both online and offline money-making opportunities in the marketplace today, with new ones popping up every day. What sets your program apart from the pack so that I should join you?

We could literally write a book on this one but we will be brief and to the point about why we are different and why you should join us.

As noted in the Flyer, we are 100% Member-Oriented; we do things for our Members that other companies simply do not do. For example, we finance your first advertising campaign to get you started making money right out the gate. You don’t need to do any of the usual telling and selling as our Professional Sales Team does all that for you. You do not have to create a website, deal with confusing back offices, or attend time-consuming conference calls.

We have specifically designed our powerful Pay Plan so that our success as a company is entirely dependent on your success as an individual. Our company is only one of three payment recipients when sales are made- we are in this together with you 100% as our success is mutually intertwined with yours. Essentially, all you have to do is join 30 Day Success Formula and everything you need to be successful is already in place for you. This levels the playing field so that all our Members can be successful, not just the big hitters.

30 Day Success Formula is totally committed to your success and we provide an honest, ethical, and supportive environment for you. We are not down at ground level with all the other opportunities out there; we are at the top of the mountain and invite you to join us there!

In your Flyer, you say that 30 Day Success has “the most powerful Pay Plan in the marketplace today.” Can you explain a little more about why you believe that is true?

There are two Pay Plans that are predominant in the marketplace today: 1) a Matrix Model that just about all low-tier programs use and 2) a Direct-Selling Model having a One-Up Format that just about all high-tier programs use. The Direct-Selling Model is far superior to the Matrix Model for a number of reasons. For example, in a matrix-design Pay Plan, you are dependent on other people to help you fill your matrix before you can get paid. Whether a 2x2 matrix requiring 6 people to fill it or a 2x3 matrix requiring 14 people to fill it, each person is expected to sponsor at least 2 people in order to fill the matrix. Unfortunately, it appears that most people who join low-tier matrix programs are lazy and do nothing, depending on someone else to do the work for them. As a consequence, matrix programs tend to stall quickly and disappear. In contrast, in a Direct-Selling Pay Plan Model, you are only dependent on yourself and nobody else; you do not need to fill a matrix to get paid- you get paid each and every time you make a sale. These Direct-Selling programs usually employ a One-Up format, meaning that you pass up your first sale to your sponsor. So, naturally, your sponsor is highly motivated to help you get your first sale but the downside is that once you get your first sale and pass it up to your sponsor, your sponsor now has zero motivation to help or support you any further. And therein lies the unique power of our program! Instead of the usual one-up format, we employ a sharing format in which each time a sale is made, the payment is “shared” amongst three recipients: the Company, You, and Your Sponsor. So, because your sponsor gets paid every time you make a sale, not just on the first one as in the one-up format, your sponsor continues to be highly motivated to help and support you in being very successful, along with the Company. This extremely high level of ongoing, continuous support makes for an incredibly powerful Pay Plan!

Do I have to stay home all the time to be able to work this business or can I take time off to travel?

You can travel anywhere in the world any time you want and still do your business, as long as you have access to the internet to email your confirmations of payments to the company. Or, while you are away, you could simply have a family member or good friend collect and open your envelopes and send the confirmations to the company.

If I become a member of this program, would I have to be serious all the time or would I be allowed to have fun in 30 Day Success?

By all means, have all the fun you want!

Remember that a lot of scientific research studies tell us that one of the most stressful conditions for human beings is money worries. Our program is designed to make all those worries go away, once and for all. Once your money worries are eliminated, you can relax and truly enjoy life. You and your loved ones can have all the fun together you have ever dreamed of. 30 Day Success Formula simply promotes the financially stress-free life that nature intended for you to have.